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About Me

Image by Gérard GRIFFAY

Jeremy Sus' Biography


Hi, I'm Jeremy. I was born/raised in New York, NY and have been blessed to live in my homeland of Puerto Rico as an adolescent. I met my wife Lara in Bali, Indonesia where we lived for a few years and we now reside in Tampa, Florida along with our family. 


Growing up I've always had a knack for creativity as I would love to draw out picture stories in the old cow print school notebooks and always doodle and recreate animations. As a younger adult I discovered my capacity for story telling in a college fiction writing class. From then on I worked on a few forms of creative content (music videos, short films and a web series) through multi roles of filmmaking. I attended the New York Film Academy where I completed the Evening Producer's Curriculum. I look forward to continue working in film.


While living in Bali, I was able to join a loving community and discovered a passion for teaching children. I have since created my first children's book, Great Moms and Dads, which is my proudest work to date and I look forward to sharing it with children and guardians throughout the world. 

I am now working on other children's books and aspire to create more projects of entertainment with much love and the grace of God. Stay tuned! I'm just getting started.

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